Hello, we are renovating our business process and market presence. All our services are summarized below and are fully operative. You can get in touch with us for your business or service needs on the number given below. We hope to showcase our new products by the first week of June 2019.

Our Services for Organizations

AscendPsychology’s solutions aid organizations to move from ad-hoc talent management initiatives to innovative, mature and improvised processes that support organizations to optimize talent and make best use of people capacities.
Our services range from acquiring, planning, developing to motivating and retaining your organizations’ talent.

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Talent Selection

AscendPsychology’s ‘Talent Selection’ solutions train organizations in identifying the right job criteria, obtaining objective data out of an interview and making unbiased talent hiring decision. This aids organization in selecting best candidates that will ensure that the right talents are in the pipeline.

Learning Management Cycle

AscendPsychology’s Learning Management Cycle facilitates the growth of your employees by creating planned and complete learning environments for your organization. These initiatives are aimed at enabling every employee to progress to the highest level of proficiency in their personal, as well as workplace competencies. 

Leadership Development

AscendPsychology’s implements a comprehensive and an intensive model that is based on principles of cognitive psychology, in order to enhance your organizations leadership practices. This program addresses nine challenges that are faced by leaders, carried out through a unique model that very few leadership programs follow.

Employee Assistance Program

AscendPsychology’s Employee Assisstance Program aims to help your employees resolve behavioral health problems
(personal & work related) that affect their work performance. They include services ranging from screening for emotional concerns & counseling to employees to developing policies to make organization mentally healthy. 

“We shape our destiny! We are not a result of what happens to us, but what we choose to do about what happens to us. What we encounter is not what we experience. We attend partially, perceive, interpret, make sense, give meaning, form conclusions about all that we encounter and that is what we call experience. It would then not be wrong to say that our experiences shape us, for we have shaped our experience. We shape it to however we want to make sense of the happenings around us. By merely changing the occurrences of our life, one cannot hope to change its quality, for quality is our doing and occurrences are random happenings.”

Our Educational Initiatives

Our services are aimed at helping schools create better teaching and learning missions through the various programs that cover multiple learning foci.
The educational programs centre on developing student potential by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses as well as work with teachers and parents to enhance the student’s educational and living experience.

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Initiatives for Student Development

AscendPsychology implements evidence-based programs that increase emotional, cognitive and learning skills to help children not only prosper in the world of work/occupations but also live as effective, fully functioning individuals. 

Partnering with Parents

AscendPsychology helps parents achieve a balanced and effective approach to crucial aspects of up-bringing. We aim at helping parents achieve skills of motivating and guiding their children to help them function more effectively.

Vocational Assessment Program

AscendPsychology’s Comprehensive Career Analytical System (CCAS) facilitate the process of helping you realize your career goals, using objective and standardized assessments of interest, abilities and work values, generating your unique career profile that are highly scientific and evidence-based.

Supporting Teachers for Effective Educational Initiatives

AscendPsychology helps teachers achieve skills in motivating and guiding their students so that they become emotionally, and cognitively effective. This is done through facilitating effective classroom management and teaching practices.

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