Case Studies


Project A:
Aim of the project:
To develop competencies identified by the organization for increasing productivity of employees

Number of employees impacted: 1400 employees across all grades
Duration: 1 year
  • Development and administration of questionnaires to assess the existing level of identified competencies
  • Obtaining self-rating on the identified competencies through telephonic discussion
  • Pan-India lunch-talks to orient employees on the identified competencies
  • Three phases of Individual Coaching sessions with each employee to develop the identified competencies
Project B:
Aim of the project:
To develop essential competencies of new employees and aid in their metamorphosis from a campus to corporate environment

Number of employees impacted: Over 2500 employees spanning through 8 years
  • Formulation of modules for training & facilitation
  • Implementation of training modules focusing on various (17) competencies
  • Assessing transfer of learning through interviews and questionnaires
  • Formulating individual assessment and developmental reports of each employee
Project C:
Aim of the project:
To assist in the recruitment & selection of employees at the senior management level (Pan-India) for an multi-national healthcare organization

Number & grade of people affected: Over 40 candidates
Processes :
  • Understanding the job descriptions and roles of the shortlisted candidates
  • Administering Psychometric tests to assess various competencies suitable and essential for the role they were being considered for
  • Conducting Behavioural Event Interviews to shortlist from the previous levels of assessments
  • Generating individual reports and summaries for each candidate
Project D:
To guide students of a South-Mumbai based school in making suitable subject choices for future grades and vocational selection

Number of students guided: Over 300 students
  • Administering a battery of Psychometric tests to identify the; Aptitude, Interests, Orientation and Emotional Intelligence of the students
  • Integrating subject choices available for selection
  • Generating reports based on the responses of the students on the Psychometric tests
  • Conducting counselling sessions for students and their parents to identify suitable subjects for them to select
Project E:
To guide students studying in a group of schools in making suitable stream choices for college education

Number of students guided: Over 500 students
  • Conducting a pre-registration talk to help the stakeholders understand the processes and benefits of taking up career counselling
  • Administering a battery of Psychometric tests to identify the; Aptitude, Interests, Orientation and Emotional Intelligence of the students
  • Generating individual career profiles based on the responses of the students
  • Conducting orientation sessions for parents & students to help them identify the factors being assessed and format of the report
  • Conducting in-depth individual counselling sessions with each student and their parents to guide them through the career choices that would be suitable to them
Project F:
To develop the quality and delivery of classroom sessions through Teachers’ Training Programs

Number of teachers impacted: 60 teachers over a span of two years
  • Identifying the teacher-competencies to be developed from the School Management
  • Short-listing target areas to be developed (for e.g. Instructional-Methods, Classroom-Management, and Social & Moral Development etc.)
  • Debriefing the teachers regarding the competencies
  • Facilitating the development of the competencies through workshops and experiential learning.
  • Assessing the transfer of learning through Assessment sessions

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