Government, Civil and Security
Support Initiatives

We are highly proficient in aiding the Government administration in formulating cutting edge plans for civic welfare in a vast array of Behavioural sciences. Our expertise helps administrative agencies in the following ways

Assistance in the setting of Vocational and Skills Development Programs

Our vast insights in the various aspects of occupational development makes us the front runners in being a vocational partner for our government. We have a deep insight into what an occupation will require, and to what level, in order to succeed in acquiring sustained employment.

Formulating cutting edge Learning and Development Programs for the Security and Defence Services

We are leaders in formulating and implementing programs based on behavioural sciences for the personnel in the uniform. Our programs use well researched and documented behavioural change strategies for bringing better personnel management practices in policing and in defence.

Setting up of Support Help Lines and formulating programs in partnership with the Government Agencies

Our in-depth understanding of concerns like; suicide, violence and substance abuse make us the ideal partner to bring to the concerned parties multiple assistance programs in support of such causes as well as active intervention for civic welfare. We pride ourselves in successful planning and delivery of people empowerment through our pioneering initiatives.