Client Testimonials

Colonel Wakankar (Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

When it comes to the quality, timeliness, methodology and passion for training and development we trust Ascend Training Solutions to the fullest At Persistent we are totally satisfied where Ascend Training Solutions, is concerned. (Ascend Training Solutions was the prior name of AscendPsychology)

Iris Madeira (Madhavi Desai Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)

It has allowed us to offer our students and parents a professional psychological testing service that we don't have the strength or expertise for. We found AscendPsychology a match for our students and parents, and we can offer these services seamlessly and effortlessly to our clients. It's not a plain vanilla test; you provide solutions in addition to just testing through us which we're very happy with. You provided us with a larger discussion around what the future for a student could be and what could be done through us and with us in order to reach those goals, which is exactly what we wanted, not just a one-time test offer. The students of their own accord have told us that they were happy with how the tests were conducted and the counseling that followed after. We went through an exhaustive evaluation of a number of other psychology based firms when we were looking out for these services, and we looked for their mission and vision and absolute professionalism with which services were conducted. At the end of our search, we were absolutely sure that it was going to be AscendPsychology, you just stood out amongst them. Everything has been synchronized so well with us, and tailor-made in terms of short- and long-term curriculum planning. You've addressed all our concerns and feedback so diligently and professionally right from the get-go! Five stars for delivery, content, expertise and engagement!

Ankit (Client for Career Guidance)

My experience with the CIP program offered through AscendPsychology at my school was very nice. I thought I was there to get some academic help, but I ended up getting to know my aptitude and work interest. My counselor was really nice, and I have shifted my sights from engineering to a management related field. I would definitely recommend this program in the future to others.

Karan (Client for Career Guidance)

My test-taking experience was very good, and at the end of it, I had a good understanding of what my goals for the future were going to be. My counselor explained everything very clearly, from aspects of my profile that I had to focus on to my weaknesses. I am more confident now about career options before me than I was before taking the test. I really wanted to be a pilot, but that option did not bear fruit for other reasons. My career profile suggested that I try business management, which a great alternative as I already have an inclination and liking for it. I have already recommended AscendPsychology's programs to a few friends of mine. Everything you are doing is perfect! Thank you for your help, it's going to help us build a great future for ourselves.

Mannika (Educational Counselor at BCG School):

The students found their Emotional Intelligence test quite useful, and it helped us as parents and teachers intervene with children who needed help. I personally know Supriya, she always does such a great job with whatever she does; all these sessions have gone really well. I have already recommended your services to others, and will continue to do so.

Kunal (Client for Career Guidance)

I was guided well, helped with test selection. The counselor that took my session made me comfortable because of how warm, calm and receptive she was, especially since I don't like being asked too many questions! I did consider the suggested careers that the profile threw up-I am a stand-up comedian today, and that's awesome! Experiencing this new industry has been outstanding, I don't like being restricted to a routine- it's chaotic, there's a little bit of traveling, a little bit of writing, and these are all exactly the things I wanted to be doing. The skills I learned in my previous job of course have come in handy, and I find that I'm a lot more confident and assertive now, I'm comfortable with who I am, and I'm doing something I'm good at, it matches my personality. (After the CIP program, I found that I am interested in core psychology tests to find out more about myself, my personality and my emotional quotient). I would definitely recommend this program to others.

Valerie (Client for Career Guidance):

Helped me gain some clarity into different aspects of career options I had. A lot of choices were offered, which I found out after having done the test. My counselor handled my session very patiently and professionally. I'm still working on some of the suggested career paths. I took up teaching so my schedule could free up some more and I could pursue some of my hobbies that were also highlighted in the profile, like writing, in my free time. I wish that AscendPsychology would do more career assessments with people who are facing a mid-life career crisis, they shy away from it, or don't even know that this option is available, they are dissatisfied and don't how to do the things they always wanted to.

Satyanarayan, GM Training (Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.)

AscendPsychology has and is providing Behavioral Training to fresh recruits at Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. This training has helped them to transform students leaving their campuses and academic world to enter a professional, corporate culture. It has improved their inter-personal skills, communication skills and helped us in team building. AscendPsychology understands our needs well, communicates regularly with us, has established a good rapport with our trainee engineers and adapts their services to our needs. We have been using their services for over 5 years now and find them very good!

Deepak - HR Manager (Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.):

I have found AscendPsychology's services to be very good. Our employees have felt their confidence levels increase, in communication, presentation skills. The programs offered have been customized over the years. As clients, we understand and have been understood (understand each other well). The emotional intelligence test especially has received great feedback from our past batches. I have found AscendPsychology trainers to be good, adaptable, calm and composed, give feedback and resolve issues. Five stars for the level of expertise we experience, and for the engagement we felt all throughout the process. We would like to maintain our relationship with AscendPsychology. (Delivery- 4, Expertise- 5, Engagement- 5). We would definitely recommend your services to others, even other organizations.

Kanchan- HR Manager (Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd., Pune)

Our employees that have gone through AscendPsychology's behavioral training programs have really benefitted a lot, from their daily routines to their professional lifestyles; we have seen definite improvement. Proactive Approach and Communication Skills were two modules that were offered that really benefitted those who attended the programs. We see a marked difference between those who attended these programs and our lateral recruits who have not gone through it. We train our fresh hires in technical as well as behavioral training modules through AscendPsychology to help them become self-sustaining, confident employees who could hold their own. We've never had problems with the service, everything has always been conducted very professionally and given us the results we've wanted. I have personally sat in on some of the lectures, and have found that your team spirit, your trainers, your training methods are excellent-practical, knowledgeable and engaging. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Five stars for delivery and engagement!

Anupama - Engineer (Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.):

I underwent training with AscendPsychology just at the start of my career, and I can say that it was an important part of my grooming towards becoming a professional. The mode of delivery of the sessions was definitely commendable. Be it through Role Plays, Movies and subsequent discussions, to Puzzles and other group-based and individual activities, concepts were explained and understood in the practical sense. As Confucius rightly said - 'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand'. I can say that the Trainers are AscendPsychology's biggest strength, especially Supriya. They were approachable and attentive to queries even beyond the walls of the classroom. On another note, I would like to mention again that the mode of delivery of sessions per concept was very cleverly planned. It's been 6 years since I have undergone training with AscendPsychology, and the concepts learnt then are useful for me even now. I would highly recommend the training program delivered to us to all fresh graduates starting out on their professional careers. I found their content, expertise and engagement to be very good, but most of all, their delivery methods were excellent and left a real impression on me.

Priya Sule (PCI Pvt. Ltd.)

We loved the enthusiasm of the AscendPsychology team! They were always ready for answering any queries, clearing doubts, or giving support of any nature. It has been a good experience working with them. Helpful and supportive, we give them five stars for expertise and engagement all through our association for psychometric testing with them!

Manish Singhal (Adventure Grid & Sports Pvt Ltd, CEO)

We had a fantastic training for Aamby Valley Senior and Middle Management with AscendPsychology! We also used your services for OBT for one of our corporate clients. Adaptable and offering us a great level of comfort to work with, we find AscendPsychology more planned and professional in approach compared to other organizations' services. The energy, dedication and commitment of the AscendPsychology team have not diminished. The content we saw in all our programs was excellent; keep it up!

Colonel Shibu Raj Nair, ASC Chandimandir

Mrs Supriya Nair is a renowned psychologist who has carved a niche for herself in the field and is known for her professional competence, empathetic approach and has a great acumen for sensitivity and detail, which I personally have experienced. All in all, she is an outstanding person to work with. At a personal level, I have had extensive interactions with Mrs Supriya Nair and have found her to be a person with very high degree of professional competence, shown immense empathy in dealing with her subjects, has great acumen for sensitivity and detail and is an outstanding person to meet with. In June 2012, she organized the Stress Management workshop for my unit on my behest. For an impromptu arrangement, I was amazed to see the interactive and open manner in which Mrs. Supriya Nair conducted it. From officers to middle level leaders & jawans, I was astounded to see how Ms. Nair touched a chord with each and every one in attendance. Jawans in the Army are usually introverts, and shy away from opening up with others, but to my utter surprise, I found my men openly expressing themselves and their difficulties (both personal and professional) by the end of the workshop. I must confess that some of the issues raised by the individuals at the end of the workshop were not even known to me. In a short span of time, they were willing to open their hearts and minds to her because of the way in which she reached out to them. I realized that Mrs. Supriya Nair in her own way had struck a common chord with each of the individuals and they were in this short span of time willing to open their hearts to her. The response of my men has motivated me to organize some more of these workshops periodically for my unit to help my men have better mental health. Based on my feedback, many other units are also planning to follow suit by conducting such workshops with Mrs. Supriya Nair as well. Consequent to the workshop, I must confess that the outlook of my men in managing stresses in their everyday life has indeed changed. My unit and I are truly indebted to her and look forward to more workshops in the near future whenever it is convenient for Mrs. Nair. In the Army style, I would like to salute this brave lady for her professional competence, outstanding capability and her selfless service in helping people deal with their lives in a better way. I wish her all the success in all future ventures, God Bless & God Speed.

K (Client's name kept confidential because of the clinical nature of the case)

I had visited a number of psychotherapist and even psychiatrist but without success. The debilitating nature of my illness was such that I found my daily occupations difficult to carry out. But now, after coming to AscendPsychology, I can say that I am far less dysfunctional and quite productive. I can say I am completely ok, and have been since the last two years. Thank you so very much AscendPsychology. The complete staff handles all the clients so sensitively.. I give them ten stars.

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