Occupational Planning, Career Mapping, Vocational and Skills Development

Vocational Assessment and Career Counselling for choosing Occupations

These services facilitate the process of making a suitable career decision based on individual abilities and expectations in the present job context. Psychologists assess your interests, personality, values and skills, and help you explore occupational options. We provide professional assistance in exploration and decision making tasks related to choosing an occupation, transiting into or within the world of work or aiding further professional training.

Who can take advantage of these services?

This Program can be availed by any individual older than 13 years of age.
  • The Basic Program includes Test administration, Counselling, Career talks, as well as information about colleges and institutes
  • The Advanced Program (apart from the components of the Basic Program) includes the innovative advantage of research and information on a variety of additional career related information. These would include information on work context, promising career trends e.g. new careers, green careers etc. and other necessary details

What is the focus of this service?

  • Obtain information about occupations
  • Reduce confusion by selecting a suitable occupation according to individual and future trends
  • Choose careers without influence of parental expectations and peer pressure
  • Get assistance in career change

Why are our tests superior to other test batteries?

  • Latest global, standardized and time efficient tests
  • Provide indicators for a global spectrum of jobs

Which tests are used?

The use of tests would depend on the objectives of the vocational investigation. Most commonly, Aptitude, Interest and Career Orientation form the base tests. Only standardized tests are used.

What will the report include?

The report is a comprehensive outcome of the assessment and the suggestions that have been drawn after integrating all aspects of the findings.

What will the counselling include?

Counselling is a one-on-one or a group interaction that enables one to understand the findings in detail, thereby aiding their decision making process.

Vocational and Skills Development

Our continuous engagement with the occupational world gives us a cutting edge in helping many agencies formulate skill development courses. We engage with you for vocational training partnership across the globe. Our deep understanding about the employment trends and vocational practices, aid you to formulate vocational programs for your stakeholders. We also aid your partnership endeavors with global stakeholders

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