About Us

Our journey at AscendPsychology has been resplendent with a number of mistakes, some bad decisions, few experiments gone wrong, many failures (to witness, you should have seen our last website...lol), some reattempts, moments of disappointments, chaos, de-motivation, trials and tribulations.

When the organization was founded, on 8th of March 2002, little did we know that we would walk such complex paths and contribute to the world to the extent that we did. We know we have a long way to go. We know we have not perfected the art of help, and we know we never will. We also know that perfection is only a myth, so we won't try either.

What we would however do is; continue designing new experiments, bracing ourselves for possible failures, creating more complex stories and paving more challenging paths. In fact, we aim to make our own lives harder and more rigorous.

Through this journey, and through all the turbulence, a few virtues stayed with us and helped us gain new insights and gave us tremendous vigour. Through this all, we could sustain a deeply ethical, resilient, focused, committed, diversity tolerant, rigorously scientific, brutally honest, intensely fair and deeply compassionate thread that weaves itself into our everyday business, our sheer existence. And we are a proud lot.

On any typical day you would find our workplace noisy (we talk and laugh a lot, most of it is work related, but not always so:-)). Most of our solutions are generated through endless discussions. We are a creative lot, looking for out of-the-box solutions for the most mundane problems (can you imagine brain storming for hours just to decided how the occupational list could look like?).

Our team deeply cares for each other's welfare. This aids us to care for the ones we serve. Our culture rests on support and nurturance. We are a noisy, calm lot. Oh yes, we are proud of that.

Most of our work draws inspiration from some prominent schools of psychology. We believe and have studied that the principles of Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioural Sciences bring the best outcomes to the most difficult problems that we help solve. Most of our work rest on the evidence based schools in our field.

We hope that we continue to build on what we are today so that we continue building stronger people, stronger communities and stronger nations.