Assessments and Profiling

Assessments are used to measure diverse constructs of an individual or a culture. It provides information about individuals to be better able to understand aspects of self, areas that might be strengths and those that might require development. Further, it aids decision-making and formulating goals and action plans.
We use assessments to aid a variety of decisions in various settings. These tools range from psychometric tests to structured interviews i.e. Behavioural Event Interviewing, Job Simulation Exercises, Role Play or Observations. Do keep reading our blogs for more information on assessments, or simply contact us.

You could use our assessment and profiling services if you require it for any of the following purposes

Work and Organizational Setting

In an organizational setting, assessments provide the assessor with information that enable or facilitate their decisions regarding selection, development, or promotion of employees in the Organization. Profiling is frequently done to promote or develop personnel in specific areas like Leadership, Strategic capacity, Analytical ability, etc. so that selection, developmental and promotional plans can be drawn. Assessment Centers are setup to make complex assessment decisions.
Contact us to set up your Assessment and Development Centers with the latest and the most effective Assessment Tools. Other analyses that we accomplish are Training Needs Analysis, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Organizational Culture Analysis, Exit Surveys, Change Impact Analysis and many more.

School and Educational Setting

These assessments aid in identifying strengths, weaknesses, preferences and styles of students to construct and modify instructional design. Assessments are also used to formulate special needs programs, identifying teacher strengths and knowing more about school culture.

Vocational Setting

These assessments help individuals and organizations map career paths. It also helps in assessing strengths, weaknesses and inclinations to make vocational decisions.
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Clinical and Psychotherapeutic Setting

Assessment in this category helps in diagnosis and planning out the structure and direction of therapy. Assessment of aspects like neuropsychology, psychopathology, intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, etc. assist therapists in their helping endeavor.

Sports and Performance Setting

These assessments help in understanding team orientation, decision-making styles, thinking styles and how individuals manage and cope with aspects that might affect performance in sports and performance related settings.