Psychotherapy, Support and
Counselling Interventions

Psychotherapy and Counselling refers to the treatment of psychological disturbances through the use of psychological theories and techniques. These are designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems, with the goal being resolution of these problems and facilitation of growth.
The objective of a session is to empower the client to be able to handle one’s life in effective ways,formulate healthy goals, gain new insights, gain fresh perspectives, and rid oneself of debilitating disturbances thereby living a healthier life.

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy rests on the assumptions that are core to Existential and Cognitive- Behavioural Sciences:

  • Human beings largely create and maintain their own emotional disturbances
  • Human beings inherently engage in distortions of reality and make logical errors, which may lead to disturbance
  • The root causes of emotional disturbances are belief systems and distorted cognitions that an individual has internalized
  • Disputing or challenging irrational belief and incorporating healthy philosophies and attitude systems are the means to eradicating emotional disturbance
  • Humans- even the bright and intelligent ones often adopt new irrationalities after giving up the previous ones
  • Human are happiest when they establish important life goals and purposes and actively strive to attain these

Our services include:

  1. Psychotherapy for non-clinical concerns
  2. Psychotherapy for clinical disorders
  3. Programs for special population

The assessment , diagnosis and intervention for dysfunctional patterns are carried out by qualified clinical psychologists. Referrals to competent psychiatrists are made when medical intervention is perceived to be necessary or helpful. We refer to The International Classification of Diseases (WHO) as a guide for diagnostic purposes.

We provide individual and group therapy for issues related to adjustment as well as growth. We conduct programs to help people understand themselves and their surroundings better and to become open to effective thinking and problem solving through the application of psychological principles. The focus therefore is on understanding oneself,the dynamics of human behavior as well as effective coping strategies.